Variety for Diners is KLGCC Golfer’s Terrace Focus

20 March 2014, Thursday – Meals at golf clubs are often associated with selections of club sandwiches, sinful finger food like potato fries and nuggets or possibly food choices that are usually only limited to a golfer’s palate. 

The exclusive Kuala Lumpur Golf and Country Club, KLGCC’s culinary team set out to create an additional menu that is armed with one objective in mind - to take your palate around the globe with a healthy twist.  
Ingeniously crafted with good health in mind and cooked with the freshest of ingredients by in-house culinary team headed by Executive Chef Arnold Kwok, the new menu features a variety of entrees and salads including a refreshing blend of smoothies and juices that will tantalize everyone’s palate. To introduce this menu to the public, KLGCC hosted a group of lifestyle and food enthusiasts to savour the new line-up. 

“The essence of this menu is to give patrons a variety of entrees, salads and blend of juices and smoothies that will appeal to a two-year old child to a sixty-year old grandparent. With that vast age range and also society becoming more health conscious, we also want to serve healthy meals,” said Executive Chef Arnold Kwok. 

“Therefore, not only is each dish created to give you the essence of its origins, but its also carefully planned and prepared with quality and fresh ingredients such as Omega 3 eggs, unsalted butter, lean chicken and sea salt. We want to encourage patrons to make healthier choices when it comes to food,” Kwok added. 
In line with the Ministry of Health’s message for this year that is - “2014 as the year dedicated to reinforcing our effort to lead a healthier lifestyle,” this is the perfect time to encourage healthier meals at our Golfer’s Terrace. We also want to cultivate a sense of camaraderie through food selections from around the world with golfers and non-golfers. We like to call it world-class dining experience,” KLGCC’s General Manager Steven Thielke.

“Executive Chef Arnold and his team definitely did a great job in developing such an impressive line-up. We want our diners to enjoy quality and healthy food. Much tedious effort has been invested into the planning and execution to ensure the freshest of ingredients enhance the taste and retain the nutritional value,” Thielke added. 

From 7:30 am to 10:30 am, one can have Breakfast with five delightful items to choose from. For those who prefer vegetarian may choose the Baked Vegetable Frittata or Almond Zucchini Muffin. Each dish is developed to ensure that it provides you with sufficient calories to start off your day. For morning golfers – it is a great start for your tee off. To wash down all that goodness, enjoy it with three choices of healthy blended juices – Apple Spinach, Mango Berries and Citrus Kiwi. For the hardcore healthy people, you can opt for the Turmeric Veggie Blend, consisting of turmeric root, carrots, romaine lettuce, cucumber and lemon.  

For those long business lunches or express lunches on-the-go, savour the light Chicken Romaine Salad from the Western palate to Thailand’s famous and exotic, Green Curry Chicken. Other around-the-world choices are Salmon with Warm Tomato Relish, Steamed Sea Bass with Baby Bok Choy and Slow Cooked Beef Brisket. Sweet potato lovers can also sample Chef’s Sweet Potato Mash that is infused with a tinge of coconut milk and fresh ginger. 

Rice is challenging for most trying to stay on the healthy side or on a low carbohydrate diet. Fret not - now you can select from three tasty alternatives as a substitute for starchy white rice from Cauliflower, Mashed Sweet Potato or Brown Rice. Ingredients like these can provide a palate for a flavourful entree without exceeding your regular carb intake. 

To satiate your sweet tooth cravings minus the calorie sin, delight in Warm Mixed Berries made by sautéing a variety of berries with honey and mint served with coconut ice cream and the non-traditional Sweet Potato Pie. If simplicity is the call of the day, the good old reliable seasonal fruits will make the perfect finale. 
Golfer’s Terrace Healthy Menu is available from 1 April 2014 onwards. To enjoy the goodness, call 03 2093 1111 ext 3622/3619. 

About Kuala Lumpur Golf and Country Club Berhad (“KLGCC”)

Originally opened in 1991, KLGCC, Malaysia’s premier golf and country club is Sime Darby Property’s leading leisure facility. Both the West and East Courses were completely redesigned by renowned international golf course architect E&G Parslow and then re-opened in 2008 and 2010 respectively. The high quality of construction is synonymous with Sime Darby and incorporates state-of-the art technologies and impressive attention to detail. Since then, KLGCC has redefined superior service and excellence; its facilities and hospitality are one of the prides of the golfing industry. 

KLGCC is indeed proud and honoured to have been bestowed with these prestigious awards over the years. 

KLGCC Number One and Two Best Golf Course in Malaysia by US Golf Digest
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Asian Golf Monthly Awards 2013-Best Course in Malaysia (West Course)
Asian Golf Monthly Awards 2013- Second Runner-Up for Best Championship Course (West Course)

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Asian Golf Monthly Awards 2012- Runner- Up for Best Clubhouse in Asia
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