South African Essentials at Golfer's Terrace


Kuala Lumpur, November 2015 – Now you don’t have to travel across the world to indulge in a delectable dish from South Africa famously known as the Bunny Chow and a selection of mouthwatering Gatsby Sandwiches, available from 5 November to 14 January 2016 that you can enjoy at KLGCC’s Golfer’s Terrace.

Bunny Chow

Before you start thinking whether if it’s a food for rabbits which is not and definitely not made of them, imagine that you can now enjoy your favourite curry in a healthier way without having to think of the calories that go into your body.

Bunny Chow is undoubtedly a tasty dish consisting of a hollowed out loaf white bread filled with curry. It is often served with a side of portion of freshly grated carrot, chilli and onion salad commonly known as sambals. For this special promotion, you will have the option of Mutton curry (RM 19.50nett), Chicken curry (RM 16.00nett) and Gluten Mock Mutton (RM 16.00).

Gatsby (Sandwich)

For those who love sandwiches and bored with the usual style of eating it, you can now have it in African- style! Introducing the gratifying Gatsby Sandwich filled with delicious French fries and hot sauce all over it, perfect for sharing.

A favourite dish of the streets of Cape Town, one will succumb to the temptation of having a wonderfully spread large- sized sandwich anytime of the day. Savour every bite with three different options to choose from Masala Steak Gatsby (RM 29.90nett), Cracker Crust Fish Gatsby (RM 28.00nett) and Fried Chicken Gatsby (RM 25.00nett). Each serving comes with the choice of Homemade Peri Peri, Tomato Ketchup and Chilli sauce.

Elevate your dining experience at the prestigious KLGCC with this selection of international menu in the list. Bring your family and friends to enjoy this exciting menu while overlooking the panoramic view of KLGCC’s championship golf courses. Ample free parking space with buggy service is available for your convenience. To indulge in goodness, call the team at +603 2011 9189+603 2011 9189 or visit our website at to learn more details. 


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