Chinese New Year 2017 Promotion at TPC Kuala Lumpur


Kuala Lumpur, January 2017– This Chinese New Year, TPC Kuala Lumpur presents to you the World Champion Lion Dance team, the Kun Seng Keng and Dragon Dance Association who is the defending champion of Genting World Lion Dance Championship for 11 consecutive years, beating teams from Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore and even China.  According to traditional Chinese culture, the Lion dance performance is believed to bring good luck and what better way to have a World Champion team to grace TPC Kuala Lumpur during this festive season.


Members and guests are invited to gather around and witness this majestic performance taking centre stage on Saturday, 11 February 2017 at TPC Kuala Lumpur’s East Lobby, starting at 10 am.  The lions will be dancing around the clubhouse offering blessings and a spectacular acrobatic show at the West Lobby. A fantastic chance not to be missed this year.

Adding to the festivity, Executive Chinese Chef Eddie Chua and his culinary team are all set for this festive season by bringing you a marvellous Chinese authentic delicacies at the award winning restaurant, China Treasures. Available until 15 February 2017, get ready to be blown away with an exquisite Cantonese Chinese feats featuring five set menus (Wealth Prosperity, Prosperity, Fortune, Abundance and Happiness) to choose from.

The 9 course Wealth Prosperity menu complimented with Prosperity Yee Sang, fit for 10 persons at RM 3,688.88nett feature dishes such as Abalone and Fresh Norwegian Salmon Yee Sang with Chinese Pear, Double Boiled Superior Bird’s Nest Soup with Sea Treasures, Braised Ten Head South African Abalone with Baby Sea Cucumber and Broccoli, Double Boiled Lotus Seeds with Lily Bulb, Longan, Sea Coconut and Ginseng and many more.


Another great option would be the Prosperity Menu of 9 courses with China Treasures Yee Sang priced at RM 2,688.88nett per table of 10 persons. Dishes includes, Fresh Norwegian Salmon and Haruan Yee Shang with Chinese Pear, Double Boiled ‘Kampung’ Chicken Soup with Abalone, Dried Scallops and Agaricus Mushroom, Crispy Marinated Szechuan Duck with Plum Sauce, to name a few.

Alternatively, the 9 course Fortune Menu comes with China Treasures Yee Sang is available at RM 2,288.88nett per table of 10 persons. Menu highlights include the mouthwatering Double Boiled Sea Treasures with Silkie Black Chicken in Superior Stock, Hong Kong Style Steamed Live Dragon Garoupa Fish, Crispy Stuffed Chicken with Almond Flakes in Two Way, served with Fragrant Fried  Rice with Shrimp, Silver Anchovies and Egg, Chilled Soy Bean with White Fungus, Lotus Seed and Aloe Vera and more.


For a smaller group of people, the Abundance and Happiness set menus would be the perfect choice.  Indulge in a delectable Chilled Norwegian Salmon Yee Sang, Braised Birds Nest Soup with Crab Meat and Dried Seafood, Braised Whole Abalone, Sea Moss Oyster Roll and Fish Maw with Broccoli, Steamed Live Australia Jade Perch Fish in Superior Soy Sauce, Crispy Barbecue Duck with “Hong Kong” Style and also served with Spicy Fried Rice with Diced Chicken and Chicken Floss and few more from the Abundance menu, at RM 1,228.88nett (per table for 6 persons) and RM 1,788.88nett (per table for 10 persons).

Or try out the 8 course Happiness menu featuring dishes like Rainbow Haruan Fish Fillet Yee Sang, Steamed Live Sea Bass with Garlic and Double Fungus, Traditional Roasted ‘Pee Par’ Chicken, Stir Fried Tiger Prawns with Vietnamese Sauce, Braised Assorted Fresh Mushroom with Sea Moss Oysters Roll served with Steamed Glutinous Rice Wrapped in Lotus Leaf and a delicious Hot Soy Bean with White Fungus, Lotus Seed and Gingko Nuts. Enjoy all this at the price of RM 982.88nett (per table for 6 persons) and RM 1,388.88nett (per table for 10 persons). Each set menu comes with a complimentary Chinese Tea.

To top it all, a selection of delicious Yee Sang are available to choose from such as Abalone Yee Sang, Norwegian Salmon Yee Sang, Fresh Haruan Fish Yee Sang and Jelly Fish Yee Sang, ranging from RM 91.00 up to RM 268.00 (extra charge will be on additions of abalone, Norwegian salmon, Haruan fish, jelly fish, Chinese pears and crackers). If you prefer to enjoy the goodness of the Yee Sang at the comfort of your home, you can order a take-away with an additional charge of RM 10.00 nett per order.

An ideal venue for corporate and family dining, China Treasures offer you a comfortable space with a touch of Chinese décor and influence, an excellent choice for you this Chinese New Year.  For reservations, please call the team at +603 2093 4668 or email

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