Small Steps, Big Impact Through Charity

Kuala Lumpur, 13 May 2019 -  Malaysia’s prestigious golf club, TPC Kuala Lumpur has always been an active advocate in giving back to charity and the club has established a close relationship with Kechara Soup Kitchen (KSK), a non-profit organisation for the Ramadan #zerowastage project. This charity project aims to reach out to the homeless people of Kuala Lumpur by providing free meals as a small contribution to ease their hitches. It is also an effective solution for TPC Kuala Lumpur in helping to curb the growing problem of food wastage in the country especially during festive seasons.

For one whole month during Ramadan, the Kitchen and Stewarding staff of TPC Kuala Lumpur will segregate the high quality excess food from the Lambaian Rasa Buffet Dinner event and pack them neatly to be distributed to the homeless and underprivileged families in Klang Valley. This year a number of 30 TPC Kuala Lumpur staff came together to KSK’s food distribution centre at Anjung Singgah, Kuala Lumpur to pitch in the taste of distributing the food to those in need.

The readily packed food from TPC Kuala Lumpur reached the distribution centre at 11.00 pm and a briefing session was conducted by the project leader from KSK. Each staff has been assigned with a role to ensure a smooth distribution process with minimal wastage on that night. Crowd started to come in around 11.30 pm and the food distribution ended by 12.30 am.

TPC Kuala Lumpur has diversified its resources in making sure various community projects are being conducted throughout the holy month. A “dining with a cause” charity effort is practiced through the Lambain Rasa Buffet Dinner with RM 1 to be contributed to charity with every purchase of the promotion.

In addition to that, free giveaway of ‘Bubur Lambuk’ at TPC Kuala Lumpur took place on the second day of Ramadan as a token of appreciation to the staff of TPC Kuala Lumpur and regular members and guests of the club.

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