Recognizing that Malaysians love badminton, TPC Kuala Lumpur affords members and their guests the opportunity to enjoy and learn the sport at TPC Kuala Lumpur’s dedicated badminton courts. Thomas Cup enthusiasts may consider taking lessons from Yap Twins Sports Management, who provide coaching services to TPC Kuala Lumpur members and their families. A few lessons from a pro may help you up your game and be the envy of your badminton-playing mates.

Badminton Courts

Operation Hours Weekdays
8:00am - 11:00pm

Weekend & Public Holiday
8:00am - 10:00pm
Dress Code As per Club By-Laws
Guest Charges RM21.20 per guess/hour
Booking Court may be booked for a maximum two(2) hours per booking. Booking may be made in person at the Sports Counter or by telephone at +603 2011 9188+603 2011 9188 ext.
165/162/161 during operation.

Booking has to be made up to three (3) days in advance. Each member is permitted to book only one court for each session of play.

Any member wishing to cancel his/her reservation must do so at least four (4) hours prior to his/her playing time. Failure to do so will result in a cancellation fee RM26.50nett charged and debited to his/her account.

Yap Twins Sports Management

Our mission is to be the leading badminton training provider in Malaysia by providing top quality coaching.

About Us
Yap Twins Sports Management (YTSM) is a leading coaching company established in several recreational clubs, schools and private halls. We provide coaches that have been highly trained by internationally recognized coaches. Our chief coaching director, Yap Yee Hup, was a national doubles badminton player for 8 years, who, at the pinnacle of his career, attained a World Ranking of No. 5 with his twin brother, Yap Yee Guan. He has over 10 years of coaching experience, ranging from coaching beginners, recreational players and advance-level competitors.


Fee RM 60 per hour for 1 pax
RM 38 per hour for 2 pax
RM 33 per hour for 3 pax
RM 28 per hour for 4 - 5 pax
RM 23 per hour for 6-8 pax
Schedule Timing and availability to be confirmed by management and coach
Venue Badminton Courts
Instructor Head Mr. Yap Yee Hup
+6019-2758 479+6019-2758 479
+603-7806 5218+603-7806 5218

Procedure for Termination of Lessons

  • One month’s notice in writing to the Club prior to the termination of the classes; otherwise the club will automatically debit the said amount into the member’s account.
  • Termination and Temporary Leave can be obtained from the fitness centre or the instructor.

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