Rising Star Juniors (RSJ)


Rising Star Juniors (RSJ) is a collaborative effort initiated by TPC Kuala Lumpur ( formerly known as KLGCC) with the support of Yayasan Sime Darby (YSD) and MST Golf Sdn Bhd, intended to cater for talented young Malaysians, predominantly from families of underprivileged backgrounds and/ or limited resources the opportunity to excel in the sport of golf. It is a 2 year programme funded by YSD with a RM 645,000 sponsorship.

18 juniors from a pool of 240 applicants have been selected in April 2015 from various homes within the Klang Valley to participate in a comprehensive golf training programme which started in May last year. The 40 – week training programme does not only include extensive training on golf and the golf industry as a whole, but to also develop them into a well-rounded, successful and educated young individuals.

The programme is divided into 3 phases:

Part 1 (9 days) = Identifying the most naturally talented juniors from a talent pool of 240 students.

Part 2 (40 weeks @ 3 sessions per week) = Introduction to golf – training the basics of golf - building a broader knowledge about golf and the industry.

Rising Star Juniors (RSJ)

Part 3 (40 weeks @ 3 sessions per week) = Industry training and on course focus training.

Rising Star Juniors (RSJ)

Start of Programme: May 2015
End of Programme: December 2016

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